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Everything we can do to make your life more enjoyable


Are you planning to come and live in Rome? A team of professionals is at your disposal to help you manage all the steps of the move to the Capital. A path involving several steps:

  • Orientation: during this phase, we help you to identify the neighbourhood where to look for your new home based on your needs.
  • House-hunting: once you have identified your ideal neighbourhood, we help you not only in the search for the house, but also in the process of renting/buying and in the management of the move.
  • Settling in: we are also at your side when you are settling in the new environment. From applying for residence or parking permits to enrolling children in school or finding the GP, we can lighten the burden of all the tasks a move involves. We find and train domestic and service personnel; our interior designers are there to help you furnish your new home.

Our ultimate goal is to make the new city and your new home a perfect nest, tailor-made for your needs and tastes. A place that welcomes you and the people you love, a place that is the embodiment of your soul.


We offer assistance in finding workplaces (offices or co-working spaces) and getting them up and running. In detail, we offer the following services:

  • Search and selection of the office or co-working space. Support in the process of renting/buying and managing the move..
  • Assistance in the search and selection of staff (assistants, cleaning staff and watchmen).
  • Team of professionals available for any need (computer scientists, lawyers, consultants).
  • Organization of private conferences and business meetings.
  • Organization of business lunches and dinners for you and your customers.
  • Assistance to television and film production companies in logistics, staff, crew, accommodation and location search.


Our desire is to free you from the errands and make sure you can apply yourself to what you love and care most about, without any concern. That's why we work behind the scenes to offer you perfection in your leisure time, finding out what kind of experience you have in mind and then designing and carrying it out. We want to make dreams come true, yours.

  • Organization of stays in pleasant, historic, unusual or fun places selecting the best hotels – not necessarily the most luxurious ones but those that can make their guests feel special.
  • Management of travel, drivers, tour guides.
  • Restaurant booking, buying tickets for concerts, sporting events, theatres and museums.
  • Organization of tastings of excellent and typical products; gastronomic tours in the restaurants of the best Italian chefs.


There are moments that are real experiences: a concentrate of beauty and pleasure that can last for a long time. Special and unique events where wonder and amazement transform the moment into infinity and make it unforgettable and full of emotions. Organizing experiences that we know you will remember forever is a pleasure for us, we do it with our heart and we can truly fulfil any desire, even the craziest ones. Some of the unforgettable moments we have organized are:

  • Exclusive evenings in private homes where you share dinner with other guests you don’t know, with cooking lesson and concert.
  • Tastings of fine wines.
  • Hunting for truffles.